by Sean Johnson Sean Johnson

Viper Industrial Featured in Pallet Enterprise

Viper Industrial was featured in Pallet Enterprises with our new Honey Badger Pallet Machine that allows for recycled pallets in a variety of sizes.

Viper Industrial has developed a machine capable of producing pallets with a wide variety of recycled lumber dimensions. Find out how this unique design could help your operation.

The pallet market has changed a lot over the last decade. Increasingly, pallet companies are doing more with less when it comes to workers and poor-quality used pallets. Finding a solution to these two problems is the core mission behind the latest pallet nailing machine from Viper Industrial Products. The company has pioneered the new Honey Badger nailing line to efficiently produce re-manufactured and combo pallets with recycled lumber.

Todd Mazur, president of Viper Industrial Products, explained why his company developed the Honey Badger line of pallet machinery. He said, “Over the last four years, Viper has sold over 140 pallet machines. Customers repeatedly asked if we had a machine that effectively works with recycled lumber. What started out as a trend has become a sea change as pallet companies are producing more pallets out of recycled material.”

Mazur added, “Today, there are fewer cores on the market; the ones that do exist are more deteriorated than they were 10 years ago. Pallet companies are forced to produce more combo pallets or remanufactured units. You can’t just replace a board or two anymore and send it out the door.”

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